okay cupid - kitty pryde

produced by beautiful lou, mixed by toy trains

“Okay Cupid” is the latest offering from one of our favorite songstresses, Kitty Pryde, produced by one of our favorite producers, Beautiful Lou. Though this may seem like a strange combination at first, the pair offer a surreal little number about adultery, drunk dialing, and inner-lip tattoos. The young Princess presents her usual tongue-twisting, self-loathing raps, before she breaks down into song near the end, singing the chorus to Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You”. Lou’s translucent beat allows Kitty to further flutter forwards, until the song abruptly ends with an adorable little giggle tacked on the end.


SoSanAntone & Beautiful Lou – Real Enough (Self-Released, 2012)

Little is known about SoSanAntone, aside from his obvious origins of San Antonio – but we know plenty about the maestro behind this song, Beautiful Lou. This is one of Lou’s many mellow offerings, an Southern-brewed instrumental just as serene as the clouds in the video’s background. Lou and SoSanAntone spend most of the video recreating the Snick intro with a giant orange couch, making you wonder if Coolio or Nick Cannon could pop out at any moment. Alas, they don’t, but SoSanAntone’s Texas-tinted double-time flow definitely pops off on Lou’s mellow anti-banger.


Western Tink - Chillin’ Like A Civilian

Western Tink – Chillin’ Like A Civilian (Self-Released, 2012)

Western Tink (interviewed by Andy McKeand last month) is a young rapper out of Austin, Texas and frequent collaborator with Beautiful Lou (also interviewed last year). Their highly anticipated Mobbin’ No Sobbin’ release is due out later this year, but for now, Tink has supplied us with this mini-mixtape, Chillin’ Like A Civilian. The first single, “Burr”, intricately incorporates Gucci Mane’s signature catchphrase into a mellow jam about life’s hardships. The rest of the tape features similar themes, the “Loft Music”sampling “Summerdonnasloft” being a tragically short example of this, as Tink writes a small verse that doesn’t stick to a singular subject, but manages to display Tink’s bittersweet poetry. The mob-centric “Now Or Naver”, itself a homage to the late Mac Dre, also finds Tink scrounging for suvival by any means, a mantra we can all relate to.

You can check the video for the first single, “Burr”, after the jump.

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Beautiful Lou- The Magenta Tape Vol 2


An instrumental EP featuring the beats for Lil B’s “!llusions of Grandeur REMIX”, Squadda B’s “Black Kings”, Western Tink’s “2 the Death” and more…

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Beautiful Lou (INTERVIEW)

I interviewed the homie Beautiful Lou over at No Jumper.

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