Yayo’s Top 30 Future Tracks/Top 50 Single Tracks

- Yayo
2011 was a strange year in rap, but also a great one, as far as I’m concerned. Both Lil B and Odd Future, 2010′s star pupils, mostly fell to the wayside due to a struggle to be taken serious (B), and what feels like an overall laziness (Odd Future). In their wake, many different acts emerged, the most prominent of which were internet darlings like Spaceghostpurrp and the ASAP Mob, whom combined to make one supergroup by the year’s end. Although Purrp has yet to sign the ink on a major label contract, the ASAP Mob, and specifically their star Rocky, signed an extremely lucrative contract that has been disputed to this day.

While Odd Future’s once heavy output dwindled to an album, a re-release, an EP, and a mixtape no one even remembers, the future stayed odd; and by that, I’m talking about Nayvadius Cash, also known as Future. Future is Atlanta’s latest prodigal son, an autotuned mess of a rapper whose music should be far more disasterous than it is infectious. Due to an underlying talent that hasn’t yet been fully harnessed and a knack for crafting larger than life hooks, Future has managed to come out of the year with three incredible mixtapes, as well as one decent collaboration with Atlanta’s old-guard and a string of loosies found on various mixtapes throughout the year.

Due to the fact that Future’s had better moments this year than Tony Montana (in my opinion), I decided to compile my top 30 Future tracks for the sake of prosperity, as well as include the mixtapes they can be found on. This really was Future’s year as far as I’m concerned, but that doesn’t take away anything from the other 49 songs I’ve chosen in the accompanying list.

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